Friday, June 29, 2007

This is our radio station "Radio Light and Life". It has been in operation for around 28 years. Our frequencies are 1600 AM and 3.25 MHZ short wave.

Thank the Lord for the help given with our “Light and Life” radio station. For some time there has been some interferences in the afternoons around 3 miles out from the station. We tried many things to resolve the problem. Lastly we installed around 24 copper ground rods around the tower and around the radio station building and then tied it all together. We also installed a new antenna system with the help of Carlos and Edwin (some technical men who work with Christian radio and are helping us with the maintenance of our transmitters). In doing all of this our people are back to hearing the gospel message at distances farther away than even before we started having the difficulty. Do help us pray about a situation though, a radio station south of us which has the same frequency (1600 AM) as we do and are planning to install a transmitter with more potential than ours. With this they can cover up parts of our radio signal here in Santa Barbara. We are very grateful though for the opportunity to spread the gospel through radio.

Maria Ester is our afternoon radio operator.

Our console gave up the ghost after a lot of good use. The month of Dec and Jan we made a drive for the local people to help update some equipment. With their help we were able to purchase this console, do some work on our ground system and AM antenna. I am joined by Adonay Sanchez, he has been such a blessing to our radio station. He is our station manager and organizer.

Rainbow over our AM radio tower ;-) It was cool!