Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just a Note about 'What's Happening'

My husband sat down with me last week to show me how to post on the blog. He just has too many things on his plate to keep up with it all. I am computer illiterate, so was lost when it came to doing something like this. Hopefully, I am a quick learner and can keep it updated a little more frequently. Maybe.......

Daniel headed to San Pedro this morning. Always something to do there. Getting your briefcase stolen out of your car adds to the necessity of going there. The briefcase was full of all kinds of paper work that was of no value to whoever stole it, but of GREAT value to us. Anyway, we are thankful no one was in the car at the time of the robbery. Daniel is still hoping for the miracle of its return.

Kendrick has started his second week of school today. He is doing well. We began two days late, due to being in San Pedro to help the Delong family through thier time of loss. For those who don't know, they lost their third child, a beautiful little girl, while giving birth. We were thankful we could be there and help in a small way. Anyway, back to Kendrick, he is enjoying school this year. I am so thankful. If the rest of the year could go as well as the first week, I would be really happy. I could even stand a few down days along the way!

Kaleb is enjoying the school too. He likes to be right there with his brother. I have given him a couple of papers to do, and he loves it. He is growing up too fast. He likes to help with Kenton, but he also likes Mommy's lap. Sometimes I have a contest going to see who can get in my lap first. Kendrick also likes to join in on this game. I usually end up with all three in my lap!

Kenton is a year old now. He is into everything. This morning he spilled a glass of water that one of the boys had left in the living room. He came, found me and stood there telling me to come see, in baby language of course. It was really sweet! I love to hear him jabber. He also likes to sing. I have to keep my eyes on him constantly though; he is into everything. If he gets quiet, you better RUN to see what he is into; it usually isn't good.

Daniel and I are keeping too busy. With school starting and all, that keeps my plate full. I also need to get in some more hours in the clinic to put on my nursing license renewal form. It will be renewal time in April. Daniel started a 'chicken farm'. He is selling eggs now. It is going really well. People here are learning about it and becoming more interested in them. They know they are fresh and haven't been sitting in a storage shed somewhere. Pray all continues to go well.

We enjoyed having an intern from Penn View with us for six weeks this summer. Josh Carveth was here and a big help. We hope we were a help to him and that he had a good learning experience. He did get in on a little excitement. We had a big storm that blew down four trees on our property. It reminded me of tornado weather. I was a little worried. There is no place to hide from one of them here.

We also helped with a medical brigade that used our facilities for sleeping and eatting. Daniel really enjoyed the change of pace. I missed having him around. He was usually gone from six in the morning until six or later in the evening.

McDowell's came to help us for six weeks also. Hannah helped in the clinic to cover the nurses vacations. Rex taught some classes here, in Costa Rica and Guatemala. They also did a marriage seminar here for the pastors and their wives. Jeffery did a lot of yard work! Poor guy, he helped break up some big stones in the middle of the runway, so Daniel doesn't have to mow around them any more. Thanks Jeffery! They had some visitors from Michigan, Amanda and David Byler. Amanda helped in the clinic and David hung out with Jeffrey! What a lot of helping hands! They sure did lighten out load!

Well, that about raps up the summer. Hope this catches you up to date on our happenings. I haven't learned the picture part yet. Maybe Daniel can show me when he gets home and I will post some pictures of the above happenings! Come back to see us!