Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Curfew in Honduras

Things are about the same around the country. The curfew was extended again until tomorrow at 6pm. I am still stuck in San Pedro with Tiffers and the boys in San Luis - 2 hours away. I received a call from Kaleb our 3 year old and he asked me "Are you coming home or not?" I think he is ready for his daddy to be home - and I am past ready to be there. With these curfews everything is closed - the airports, grocery stores, gas stations everything. If you didn't have food stocked up you are kinda in a pickle. Please help us pray that this thing will be resolved soon.


Anonymous said...

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Ames Swartsfager said...

I was a missionary in Puerto Cortes, Honduras in the 60's. I loved it there. Also has mission in San Pedro Sula and Tela. Check my web sor some photos.