Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daniel's Birthday

Birthday time again – yes big 34. I had such a special time and actually had the joy of celebrating this special time more than once. Tiffany fixed a very special dinner of pork chops, yellow rice and biscuits mmm my favorite. We were just about done eating when I heard a knock on the front door. As I opened the door I found a group of our Bible School students and friends with a pan of some kind of special treats and a rock chiseled into the shape of a heart. They all sang happy birthday in Spanish to me and when they finished I told them I needed to hear it in English and to my surprise they sang it in English also. We invited them all in to have a piece of Strawberry cake and Pepsi. They had special prayer and read a passage from the Bible which was very special. There visit was very special and was such an encouragement!!

Kike and I both have October Birthdays

Some of the Men Enjoying the Tacos

Second celebration came to pass on Saturday the 11th. I received a telephone call telling me that the men’s committee from church were getting together at 4pm and wanted me to be there. One of the men had brought Honduran chicken tacos smothered with chimole (like fresh salsa with cilantro) and two large 3 liters of Pepsi (I love the Pepsi here it taste different than the Pepsi in the US). It was a great meal. We visited a while and then the pastor Bro. Osman had a devotional for us.

The Men's Group from our Church

The Lord is so good to give us such special friends. The two celebrations were big bright spots in my life and then to top it all off Tiffany made my favorite desert “mud slide” for lunch today. I believe with all that has happened the last three days I could stand to have a birthday a little more often. Lol! Just kidding!