Monday, August 20, 2007

A Visit from the President and 1st Lady of Honduras

President and First Lady with Tiff, Kendrick, Kaleb and I

Noe Vega (mission Honduran lawyer) and I presenting plaque to President of Honduras

President of Congress with my family

President Mel Zelaya speaking on cell phone in front of our house
President Mel Zelaya with Kendrick
President Mel Zelaya with Kaleb
President entering multi-purpose building through crowd.

People waiting to see what kinda gifts the First Lady brought to give them. ;-)

What a crazy time this was! There was estimated to be around 3000 people that came to see the President and First Lady. We had 3 days to prepair for this visit. It all started as Tiff and I were fixing to drive off for San Pedro (2nd largest city in Honduras) to do some purchasing for the clinic and to buy goceries etc. The phone rang and it was the mayor (Francisco Cruz) and he informed us of the desire to have the presidential visit and wanted to know if the mission property was available. We said yes and so the work began! It was a very exciting time and we have memories that we will never forget.


sankey family said...

Oh, wow - that's amazing! Looks like a grand occasion!


Martha C said...

Well, now, we are just movin' up in the world, aren't we?! :-) Ha. Congratulations on such a fine meeting.

Steve Hight said...

Will you send some of these for the Herald, or do you have others? May I put one or two on the EFM site?

Beth Stetler said...

Totally cool!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Melton,
I was thrilled to find your blog! I went to Honduras last summer (06) on a TLC trip. My team worked in San Pedro Sula with Pastor Roger Ortiz. We held VBS services and helped build a church. It really was a life changing experience and I would love to go back and visit Honduras someday. The mountains were beautiful and the people were so kind!

I just started my own blog a few months ago and I'm currently putting together a fellow bloggers list. Just wanted to know if I could add you to my friends list. You are welcome to do the same with my blog. I won't add yours until I hear back from you that it's ok. Thanks!
Take care and happy blogging!
Jen (Florida Girl)

Roseanne said...

Its great to see all you are doing for God. I will do my best to remember to pray for you and your family. The pics are great.

Verla said...

Dear Daniel and family,

What a joy to see the pictures of what you all are doing. Keep up the Good work.


~Heather~ said...

Hey! Enjoyed seeing this blog of the president coming to visit y'all...what a neat experience!

Just had to comment and tell y'all thank you for all you did for the Sankey family that just visited y'all! That was sooo nice of you to go to the work to make a yummy Thanksgiving dinner for them. I'm sure that Andrew Bryan (married to Vonnie Sankey) may have told you that he is my oldest brother! =) I'm soooo glad that the whole family (except Marc and Melodie and their family, due to Logan's illness) got to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip to revisit all of the places where they were born, grew up, started a church, etc. Phillip and I were reading Vonnie's blog and Phillip was crying seeing the neat pics of the anniversary service that y'all helped plan for the Sankeys. Since we are trying to start some works from "scratch" here in Colombia for Jesus, it was neat thinking that years from now our family could come back here and see what GOD has done!!

May God bless y'all and your work for Him there!
Love, Heather and family, Bogota, Colombia! =)

Vonnie said...

Oh boy!! You're really up to date on your blogging aren't you? heehee Or maybe you just want everyone who visits your blog to know that you know the president of Honduras. Haha! Anyway, check out my blog - it's kind of long and boring (a little) but I have a few pictures of you and your family on it. :) Thanks again for everything you did for us while we were there!!

Phillip D said...

Wow, what a neat story and interesting pics.

Faith Young said...

Hey!! It's great to find you all. Now that I have been looking, I have been finding several former students. Exciting! I added you to my list of blogs--is that ok?

We enjoy reading your reports in the EFM Missionary herald. I'm so proud of you for serving the Lord! We remember you often in our prayers. * hugs *

Evie said...

Hey Daniel and Tiffany, I am so glad I found your blog!!!!! How are you guys? It would be nice to see you again sometime when your back in the USA. I pray for you both and trust everything is going well for you. By the way, your boys are two little cuties. Love ya. Email me sometime.

thedelongs said...

Hey you all,
We miss you here in Honduras! But we hope you are getting a little break. Hannah misses your boys too. Anway, Bro. Hight "tagged" Steve so he passed the favor onto you. (see our blog) Maybe it will give you an excuse to update your blog. ha-ha. Take care!