Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today is another day in beautiful South Carolina. The boys are loving being at Mamaw and Papaw Meltons. Uncle Brad brought them a load of sand to play in and boy have then been having a blast. Today Mamaw gets to baby sit while I go to the doc. Tiff is doing fine and feeling everybit of 6 months pregnant. We are hoping to return to Honduras before he/she arrives but who knows. Kendrick was 2 weeks late and Kaleb was 2 weeks early. We had an ultrasound before leaving Honduras. The doc said it was a girl then as he looked a little more he said it was a boy then decided he didn't know for sure so we are still left guessing. Tiff likes the surprise but I can't stand the wait but I may not have a choice. Well, that is how it is for today. More later ;-)


sankey family said...

Our congratulations! Hope you get your girl but we don't have a good track record for things like

Vonnie said...

I'll vote for a little girl. How fun!! So glad to see your "new" blog. Will check up on you often. Thanks for your comment on our blog! Vonnie