Saturday, May 17, 2008

Visit to Grist Mill

Another day is gone and we have had a very enjoyable day at an old grist mill. It is located a couple of miles from where we lived before leaving for Honduras. There are always lots of ole' timers there showing how to do many old trades by hand or the hard way. The mill is a very neat attraction where they grind corn into flour, corn meal and grits. We had a great family day and really enjoyed the relaxing sound of the stream that flows through this historical site.

Kendrick and Kaleb in front of large water wheel.

Tiff and boys in front of where a man was making brooms.
Kendrick watching craftsman cane an antique chair.

Dad and Kaleb taking a break on porch of old cabin.

Ole' Grist Mill

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day so we will be back on the road, but thankfully we don't have to far to drive. In the morning we will be in Chesnee, SC with Rev. Kenneth Rice and church. In the evening we will be in Boiling Springs, SC where Rev. Dan Parker is pastoring. We pray the Lord will give us the words we need to share how the Lord is working and blessing in Honduras.


Vonnie said...

Reminds me of Spring Mill State Park in Mitchell, Indiana. We loved going there as kids and walking barefoot in the freezing cold creek that runs through the park. When we go back to visit Mom and Dad that is a favorite place to revisit!!

Vonnie said...
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Kim M. said...

I had to double check too that you weren't at Spring Mill. Enjoyed your updates and pictures. :-)

Evie said...

It's good to see you all by way of pictures. I have been thinking about you and praying for you. Love ya guys!!!

Sarah Cook said...

Hey! I see that ou have your blog up and going again. I had not stopped by for a while so I thought I would visit your blog, and was pleased to see all the pictures and updates! It was very nice to see you all IHC! God bless your work!

Jenn said...

I've been to a couple of grist mills. One of them is in Babcock State Park in WV, and the other one is along the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA. The scenery is always so beautiful around them.
Mom told me that she saw you guys at camp in Pt Pleasant. Wish I could have been there. Oh well, maybe someday.

sankey family said...

Yes, it reminds me of Spring Mill, too - these pics are beautiful!

Esther Ruth Walburn said...

Hello Daniel and Tiffany and boys,
It was good to see you in Point Pleasant, WV. I was putting your pray card in my pray list and saw you have a blog, It is good to know this so I can keep up with you. I have it in my "favorites.

Love and Prayers, Esther