Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Honduras News

Zack and Sarah Robberts have been really doing a great job keeping everything going smoothly in Honduras while we have been home on furlough. Zach sent a couple of pictures on to me so I thought I would share them with you.

The first is of our Isuzu pickup. We have a Land Rover Discovery that we have used well but it never has been what it was suppose to be. About every time or at least every other time we made a trip into the city we had to make a trip by the mechanics to get something checked or fixed. We began to pray and look and a church down south provided enough money to purchase this new Isuzu Pickup. It is suppose to be economical, it is one of the least stolen vehicles in Honduras and replacement parts are reasonable and readily available. It was purchased back in February but we have been waiting on the camper to go on it. Zack was able to take it by the other day and have the it installed. The camper will help keep things dry through out the rainy season.
A Much Needed Blessing!!!

Pickup with new camper

Also back in November of last year we decided to try out a new project. We planted around 7 acres of field corn which they eat as sweet corn, make tortillas with or use for making chicken/hog feed. This was a first for me and boy has it been a learning experience. This project was started to help give work to some in the community but also provide some field income. The project went well and out of the 7 acres we ended up with lots of sweet corn to sell and then around 9000 pounds of corn which is being sold to make animal feed. Our Bible School students helped in the cleaning of the corn and also with taking the dried corn off of the cob. It proved to be quite the process.

Bunches of corn - lots of work! ;-)


Steve Hight said...

Hey, the camper really looks sharp!

Caroline said...

Hi, Daniel & Tiffany!
This is the first time I've read your blog, & am enjoying it. I'll try to make it back every so often.

We met you up at Sebring, OH. Hubby was D.S.

Have a great day!

Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

Hi Tiffany,
Don't know if you remember me or not. I used to go to Camp Gilead. Just wondering if you all will have any services in or around Cincinnati? I would like to see you again.
Your boys are really cute. Take care.

sankey family said...

What a great project! So glad for the new vehicle news.
Your fellow "deputationers", the Sankeys... :)