Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to Honduras

Our time in the US has flown by and now we are back in Honduras. We enjoyed so much while we were home visiting friends and families. But by the end of our time we were ready to come back to Honduras.

As many of you know we are expecting another boy who is suppose to be here within the next few days to a week. There were many questions as to if Tiffany could travel back to Honduras since she was 38 week along. We had several doctor visits in South Carolina the last few weeks before we left and as disappointed as the doctor was she had to write Tiffany a letter saying all was safe for her to travel. The doctor is a friend of Tiffany's and she wanted to deliver the baby.

Dad and Mom were so kind to take us to the Atlanta airport.

Everything went well with the flights even though there had been a mix up with our departure dates. Somehow there was a miscommunication with the travel agent and when I called to confirm our tickets I found out that we were suppose to have returned to Honduras on the 22 of April instead of the 22 of July. We finally were able to get everything straightened around with tickets for the 24 instead of the 22 of July. The flights were very full.

It was really neat Tiffany being pregnant. We were escorted to the front of every line we went too, including immigration here in Honduras. We were sitting in the very last seats on the plane so were the last ones off of the plane but we ended up being one of the first ones through immigration. It was really cool!! ;-) Then after collecting our bags they have to go through a x-ray machine where they look to see all the goodies we were bringing with us. Usually they are looking for things to charge you for and it is usually a hassle to get through. It was such a blessing to have a pregnant wife and 2 hipper boys along. The men running the x-ray machine were loving the show Kendrick and Kaleb were putting on for us and all 12 of our bags slid out the other side of the machine untouched. Praise the Lord!!

Things have been very busy since arriving so we have not slowed down much. We are expecting the baby anytime this coming week if the Lord wills. We have had a real chore finding names. We were all ready with a little girl name but the boy names have been a bit more difficult to come by.

Thank you each one for your love and prayers you shared with us while in the US. We hope to be back in the US October through the end of December so we may be able to visit many more of you all.


Maria Hunsaker said...

So good to hear that you made it back safe and sound. I hope that things continue to go well for you and your family (and the little one coming along soon) I'll be waiting to hear the exciting news :)

Megan Hollon said...

Wow!!!! It was truly great to see all of you. You have my prayers! Looking forward to hearing about the delivery of the little one. Take care. God Bless you.