Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visit to Church in Pimienta

Today we visited a church in a suburb of San Pedro Sula, called Pimienta. The young pastor started the work there around 5 years ago and the Lord has been really blessing his work. The pastor’s name is David Carbajal and is a graduate from our Bible Institute in San Luis. He started the work as a single man and after the church was established he married a young lady,
Delmis, a little over a year ago.

Pastor David Carbajal

These youngsters really did some singing.

After the service many of the ladies gathered in to see baby Kenton. I think some of them wanted to hold him but were a bit nervous when they found out he is only 10 days old. We found out last night while eating supper with some Honduran friends that after the Honduran ladies have a baby they don't leave the house or take the baby out in public for at least 30 days. They say that Tiffany is "muy fuerte" (very strong).

Before service started we visited Pastor David and Delmis. There is only 2 months difference in the age of our two babies. Delmis also graduated from our Bible Institute. While there in San Luis she and Tiffany became good friends. She is also a nurse and after her Bible school graduation she worked in our clinic and was a big help. Tiff thought it quite interesting at last year’s annual conference Delmis came up to her and asked if she was expecting. Tiffany didn't know she was pregnant so she told Delmis that she was not pregnant. Delmis told her she better go do a pregnancy test. Very shortly afterward Tiff did a pregnancy test and sure enough she was pregnant.

The Lord really came in a special way in the service here in Pimienta. The pastor spoke very earnestly about us being used of God. We are all important to the work of the Lord. At the end of the service he had all the leaders of the church come to the front and expressed how important they are to God's work and the church, and that they have a responsibility to carry. Also in the message he used' the example of Samuels service the Lord at such a young age. The Lord wants young and old to be working in His vineyards. Afterward he asked me to come up and help pray for each of the church leaders and as we began to pray God's presense filled that church. It was such a blessed time. I felt the Lord's touch on my Spanish as I began to pray and it was as if He knew I needed to pray and for that bit of time I felt like my words began to flow. It was such a wonderful time. I left the service with my heart full of His presense. It was certainly a time to remember.

Do continue to pray for David and Delmis. They are very serious about serving the Lord. Their church is full of young couples and God is really moving in a special way.


Greg and Tasha Q. said...

Hello! You do not know who I am, but I was pretty sure that I knew who you were, and just figured out that I was right a few minutes ago! I saw your picture in EFM magazine and said to my husband " I wonder if that is Isaac's sister, she looks just like him!" Well anyhow, I'm pretty sure that I first saw your picture on another of my cousin's (Cathy) Blog. My husband stumbled across your blog today, and after I was just looking at it I went back to my cousin's blog and sure enough it said " The Groom's sister Tiffany Melton!" You see, your brother married my cousin Heidi Newman (now Clark of course). :-)My cousin Cathy, who is also Heidi's cousin, had posted some pics of their wedding and you were in one of them! Anyhow, it's great to finally know! I will be praying for you and your family as God brings you to mind!
God Bless,
~Tasha Quakenbush

Steve Hight said...

Aha, caught up with you

Anonymous said...

Pictures are priceless. Your boys are adorable! You are in our prayers. Marilyn M.

Vonnie said...

YOu and Tiffany both are "muy fuerte"!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany & Daniel ! I found your link while visiting Sharen Young!! Your boys are soooo precious!!!
Take care and The Lord Bless you good!! Love & Prayers, Beth Moore