Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Visit to Las Cabañas

This morning we decided to visit one of our churches that is located on the outskirts of San Luis, Santa Barbara where we live. The name of the church is Las Cabañas and for many years has been struggling with a small congregation. I was so encouraged as I took a seat and began to watch the people come in to worship the Lord. One after another came in until there was around 38 adults and children all ready to sing, pray and worship the Lord.

The young lady on the right is one of our Bible Institute students. Her name is Venicia. It has been really great to see her grow spiritually in our just about 4 years here in San Luis. She has always had a desire to serve the Lord and has been very faithful to church. This last January she submitted an application to study in our Bible school. She is a young lady with a desire to study and work for the Lord. In our Bible school we train young people to work in the church either as teachers or pastors. Venicia has jumped in all the way and is now working in this local church(Las Cabañas) so that they can have a Sunday School for children. In this picture Venicia is leading the preliminaries in the service and the older lady to the left is reading a passage from the Bible. She is one of the founders of the little church in this small suberb of San Luis. If I understood all the pastor said, the first services were held in her house as a congregation was built. The church has been going for quite a few years now and the Lord is really starting to work in this little town church called La Iglesia Emanuel de las Cabañas.
The lady in the middle has had a birthday. As we sing their happy birthday song to her each person of the congregation goes up and shakes hands with her or greets her in some way to congratulate her for another year of life. To the right is the pastor a young man who graduated from our Bible Institute several years ago and is doing a fine job. He also helps us in our AM radio work here in Honduras. The Lord is blessing this young man whose name is Ramon. I pray he will continue to allow the Lord to use him.

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