Sunday, August 3, 2008

FM Radio Station #1

Our FM radio project is coming right along. For those who have not received the news, when the president of Honduras came to visit us here in San Luis he promised to help us receive the permissions that we would need to set up an FM frequency here in San Luis. As I arrived here in Honduras a little over a week ago and had a meeting with the lawyer I found out that we are really close to receiving our FM license. Maybe even as soon as tomorrow (Monday the 3rd of August).

The lawyer had to publish our request for the FM frequency in two different newspapers two different times. Then we had to wait 10 days to see if anyone would be in opposition to us having the radio. Well, tomorrow is the dead line for people to say if they are opposed to us having the station. We have been and still are hoping and praying that all goes well and we are able to start putting the equipment and such together so we hopefully can be on the air by the first of October. It is going to take a lot of things going smoothly for that to happen, but it is the Lords work so we are leaving it in His hands.

We have found out that we will receive 70 watts and that we will be located on 102.3 MHz FM. We praise the Lord for the progress that has been made. We know it is because the help of the Lord and the prayers of His people.

I will put the good news on the blog as soon as we know something. We appreciate your prayers!


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