Saturday, May 17, 2008

Visit to Grist Mill

Another day is gone and we have had a very enjoyable day at an old grist mill. It is located a couple of miles from where we lived before leaving for Honduras. There are always lots of ole' timers there showing how to do many old trades by hand or the hard way. The mill is a very neat attraction where they grind corn into flour, corn meal and grits. We had a great family day and really enjoyed the relaxing sound of the stream that flows through this historical site.

Kendrick and Kaleb in front of large water wheel.

Tiff and boys in front of where a man was making brooms.
Kendrick watching craftsman cane an antique chair.

Dad and Kaleb taking a break on porch of old cabin.

Ole' Grist Mill

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day so we will be back on the road, but thankfully we don't have to far to drive. In the morning we will be in Chesnee, SC with Rev. Kenneth Rice and church. In the evening we will be in Boiling Springs, SC where Rev. Dan Parker is pastoring. We pray the Lord will give us the words we need to share how the Lord is working and blessing in Honduras.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today is another day in beautiful South Carolina. The boys are loving being at Mamaw and Papaw Meltons. Uncle Brad brought them a load of sand to play in and boy have then been having a blast. Today Mamaw gets to baby sit while I go to the doc. Tiff is doing fine and feeling everybit of 6 months pregnant. We are hoping to return to Honduras before he/she arrives but who knows. Kendrick was 2 weeks late and Kaleb was 2 weeks early. We had an ultrasound before leaving Honduras. The doc said it was a girl then as he looked a little more he said it was a boy then decided he didn't know for sure so we are still left guessing. Tiff likes the surprise but I can't stand the wait but I may not have a choice. Well, that is how it is for today. More later ;-)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Family 2

Here are some family pictures that were taken while at Tiffany's parents in Ohio.

Daniel & Tiffany

Kendrick (5 yrs old) & Kaleb (2 yrs old)

We are glad to be home for a time. It is amazing how things have changed while we have been away. We arrived in Atlanta on the 7th of April in time to go to IHC, then on to Bedford the EFM headquarters where we spoke for a convention. Right now we are in South Carolina enjoying the wonderful weather here at my parents place. We have been visiting churches along in our travels to raise some much needed support.

Friday, May 2, 2008

There are new things to come!!!

We are in the US for some rest and deputation. I am hoping to have time in the next little bit to do some updating to the blog.